A Whisper about Whiskerisms

Anyone have that feeling it’s time for a change but procrastinating because now is ‘safe’ & new things are scary? Metoo! I’ve been perpetually procrastinating for a very long time.

So how did Whiskerisms come about?

I’ve been drawing weird little cartoon animals for as long as I can remember: way back in the dark ages when if you wanted art software it came from a salvaged trial disc, and your Graphics Tablet was a jerky old roller ball mouse. Was it frustrating? Absolutely! But since then it has become a steady hobby, and I’ve got better. Slightly… I think!

Digital Art turned into working for Signage Shops, and then doing a course in Graphic Design. I figured I was set onward and upwards – even though I was disappointed at the lack of opportunity to insert cute furry animals – Until I crashed out completely and climbed aboard the Depress Express.

One Bipolar Diagnosis later, I never really reached the station.

10 years later I still love drawing animals, especially my cartoons. And since my chickens don’t exactly all stay in one basket, working for myself allows me to cater to my Mental Gymnastics. So I’ve thrown in some Illustration, a bit of Design, and an emphasis on Pre – Made content to get me through those crazy times. And come up with this cool little Business idea!

So much has changed since I last did any of this, and there are so many exciting options to offer these days. After getting stuck in on my own setup I won’t be saying a thing next time my Mum gets confused using her phone that’s for sure! But after a few (many, many) tantrums and SOS calls I’ve decided it’s a going to be a good thing.

Sitting doing the same thing day in day out is really just one more day longer it’s going to take you to get there when you finally decide to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do. I’m done putting mine off, and this year I’ve been working my butt off to get things going. Am I worried? Nope. Not anymore – I’m going to get this working one way or the other.

Do you have a project in mind? Whiskerisms might just be able to help get you started!