How to use Membervault to Download Whiskerisms Content!

When deciding to sell Digital Download Content (again), finding a place to host it was a traumatic experience – Where do I put it? How do I make it accessable to people, and how the hell do I make it easy to work out! Previously I had used Etsy to sell Clip Art, and that worked great, but expired listings and broken links on old content were something I didn’t want this time around.

Enter Membervault! Which is actually more of platform to make Courses and Membership typed Resources, but actually works very well to do what I needed – Take your money, and Supply you with access to my files in return! It also looks pretty tidy, especially now that I’m getting a small collection of listings together – and hopefully continues to as Whiskerisms grows.

Majority of people should find Membervault very self explanitory to use, maybe a very slight learning curve. But if you are having trouble, or just not that confident on a computer, check out this little run through of how everything works – From browsing the Shop, right through to unzipping and opening a downloaded file :).

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