Stand Out from the Pack, Pet Lovers!

Whiskerisms is your One Stop Shop to get your Pet Venture off the ground running, with Graphic Design, Organisation, Do-It-Yourself Resources & Promotional Services that will make your Business Howl!

I’ve been Drawing little Cartoon Animals since I was Very Small – It’s my Wierd Addiction! Over the Years that has translated into working in both Signage & Graphic Design Jobs, and I’ve also done a lot of Freelance Commissioned Artwork.

But one thing I had always found in my Signage & Design Jobs was that I missed that little spark that came with Illustrating Cartoons and that has made me look for ways that I can incorporate a little of my Hobby into a Lot of my Work!

Life with Pets is Rarely Dotted i's & Crossed t's, So Why Should your Design Be?

And this is why I Started Whiskerisms! My Designs are full of Hand Illustrated Graphics & Fonts to bring Personality to your Promo: With A genuine Interest in Animals and A Background in Owning & Running a Dog Walking Business day to Day myself you can be assured that Every Inch of your Design will jump off the Page and Resonate with Your Target Audience!

About The Whiskers

I am a 35 year old Illustrator & Designer currently living in New Zealand with White Shepherd ‘Nox’ & Belgian Malinois ‘Navi’.

While I do enjoy the Computer work, or using the Ipad to doodle Cute little things, I also get bored sitting around all day, so walking the Dogs, hitting the Gym, and Surfing are other Essential parts of my Life!

I have Bipolar II Disorder, which is a bit of a challenge to navigate the ups and downs while working, but so far I have had the most success with working for myself, and Whiskerisms is helping me achieve this now :).  

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